My Poppins & Co. was set up after a bunch of mothers met for a quick coffee whilst their kids were at their ballet practice.

“I’m too tired”, “I barely have time for myself anymore”, “I’m actually considering to work on reduced hours”, “My husband and I are both working full time; how can we pick up kids from school – and during the summer hours it will be even worse”.

After all of this and more, one of the mothers was brave enough to come up with the idea of a service that would make all parents lives at least a bit better.

After a lot of research and screening the right professionals and nannies; this was born! The high calibre nannies will provide the right support to your family’s lifestyle.

You need someone to pick up kids from school, assist them with their homework, looking after them during the evening whilst you and your partner go on a date night and have sometime to yourselves?

We can make all of this happen, hassle free!

We will deliver the very best care to your child, focusing on their well-being, happiness, educational and social development; therefore we offer tailor-made packages to accommodate your family. Also, family values are important for us too, so we make sure these will be an integral part of our time with your kids.

We have been in your shoes, understand the struggle, but we also know that all kids deserve the best time and support possible, hence why we love what we do!

Julia Pussiau

Founder & Director

Facebook: My Poppins & Co