Regular Nanny

Need a nanny to pick up your children from school, take them to activities or just to stay comfortable at home until you’re back from work?

My Poppins & Co will always send you the same nanny (replacement of course provided if she is sick or on leave), who will have experience, references and first aid course.


Occasional Babysitting

Want a free night with your partner or friends and need a babysitter to keep your children?

We can provide a babysitter even on short notice basis.



Why not unburden your busy days, provide a multilingual, safe, and enriching experience for your children, all from the comfort of your own home?

My Poppins & Co. has consciously selected Au-pairs available for a 3 to 12 months life-changing journey.


Parenting course

  1. Introduction – What is Challenging Behaviour
  2. Setting Boundaries
    • Skill 1: Knowing your child – Understanding temperament and stages of development
    • Skill 2: Encouraging Cooperation and confidence with Praise
    • Skill 3: Listening and Connecting through Emotions
    • Skill 4: Successful parenting
    • Skill 5: Family Values
    • Skill 6: Positive Discipline
    • Skill 7: Keeping Calm
  3. Fostering harmony and resolving conflict in every day relationships.

In-home Psychological Support

  • In-home parent coaching
  • In-home psychological interventions for both individuals and families
  • In-home psychotherapy for challenging behaviours
  • In-home interventions to improve relations within with family context
  • In-home support to families going through relational tension and separation/divorce issues