Our Covid-19 Measures for your Peace Of Mind

The care and attention that drive us to do our job in the best way possible have been reinforced further due to the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic. We understand that trusting your kids with our nannies is already hard enough sometimes under normal circumstances, let alone now. It is for this reason that we have looked at our operations and made the necessary arrangements. In our mission to offer you the most peace of mind possible, we have enforced the following measures:

Nannies & Travel

All our nannies who decide to travel abroad have to report this to us. Once they return from their trip, they will be obliged to self-quarantine for two weeks before resuming their duties.

Social Distancing

All our nannies have agreed to sign a legally binding document in which they agree to practice strict social distancing both during their job as well as during their private life.


All our nannies will be wearing a mask when commuting to the clients’ home. They will also wear a mask during their duty should this be required from the family.


All our nannies who have any type of symptoms related to Covid-19 will be required to get a swab test. They will be permitted to work only once a negative test result is in hand.

The above-mentioned measures will be an addition to the standard norms of hygiene we always put into practise such as frequent hand washing, sanitising surfaces etc…

We have all heard so much about this virus which has literally put the world on its knees. No one knows enough about it in order to offer any guarantees of timelines for how long it will take or when we will be able to combat it in a radical way. What we have learnt through our experience is that we need to be cautious within reason. We have been following all the guidelines necessary as well as the advice from the Health Authorities.

Our priority is everyone’s well-being; kids and nannies alike. It is also for this reason that we ask all our families to take the same precautions we are taking. Should anyone in your household be returning from abroad, experience symptoms or is somehow exposed, please do let us know. We strongly believe that thanks to everyone’s cooperation, we will manage to keep everyone safe whilst providing the same level of care you are accustomed to.

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