It is with satisfaction and joy that we announce that this month, My Poppins & Co turns 2!  These past 2 years have flown by like a breeze although they also saw us face a number of challenges which we are proud to have overcome. We also strived to improve our offering and our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Starting this venture, just like every other new venture we embark on, didn’t come easy. Childminding services are certainly not something you can treat lightly and it is essential to get it right every time. Consistency in our service is key and it is also a guarantee we are ready to give to all parents and guardians.

In the last year we have been very busy! We launched the first Maltese App (mobile application) for people to book their babysitters or nannies. This App doesn’t only allow our clients to book their service but also to receive a large amount of information about what went on when there weren’t there. Did they eat? What activities did they engage in? How was their mood? Were they feeling well? Did they take their medicine? This is the type of information and much more is communicated to our clients in order for them to have their mind at rest and also because we understand that this information is crucial for most parents and guardians.

Last month, we also launched our new website! We believe we could improve on our previous website and we invested in bring you a better overall experience.

As regards the challenges we mentioned earlier on, we cannot fail to mention the global pandemic that hit Malta too due to Covid-19. This saw us going back to the drawing board a couple of times, adjusting our standard procedures and trying to ensure that all our standards and protocols are observed to be able to offer our services with the safety of all the parties involved in mind. For more information regarding this subject, keep following this space for more details.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the persons who have trusted our company with the most precious people in their life; their children. We love meeting new families and tailor-making solutions to fit their lives in as seamless a way as possible. We currently support over 150 families with our child-minding services; whether it is babysitting, nannies or au pairs. We also would like to thank the 200 nannies who collaborate with us and which make it possible for us to cater to all our client base.

About Us

My Poppins & Co. was set up after a group of mothers met for a quick coffee whilst their kids were at their ballet practice.

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