Everyone who has experienced parenthood will tell you that once the child arrives, all the dynamics within the household change drastically. This is not to say that children are detrimental to the atmosphere in the house, mores like the opposite! However, one must admit that some very good organization skills will be needed to rearrange one’s schedule around the needs of the kid/s.

Here are 7 reasons why you might want to opt for a nanny instead of childcare centers to take care of your kids when you are away, whether it is for work or other reasons:

Happy Couple = Happy Kids

One of the things which is most likely to be hardly hit when having children is the relationship between the parents. Some people think it is just the way it is, however we couldn’t disagree more! If you are happy as a couple, your children will grow in a positively charged atmosphere which is so beneficial for every member of the family. So yes, by all means, organize regular date nights and take time for yourselves as a couple. A nanny can help since she works in the evenings too as opposed to childcare centers.

Happy You = Happy Kids

Let’s face it. If you work full time, by the time you pick up your children to go home you are exhausted and all your time is dedicated to them until you go to bed and again on to the same routine the day after. STOP AND BREATHE. If you engage the services of a nanny, she can handle the kids whilst you take care of yourself after work, which is essential. Go for that blow-dry or massage. Go shopping or simply take a book and read by the sea. It’s not selfish to do so. Far from it! Your well being will reflect on your children.

More Individual Attention

At a daycare center, one carer would be assigned to a number of children. Opting for a nanny instead, would mean that your child or children get more one-on-one attention and the activities which they engage in are more likely to be adapted to their likes. Tailor-made fun and educational activities will guarantee the smooth running of the child-minding as well as the fun for the kids.

Who’s sick?

We all can get sick sometimes. This is true for the parent, the children and even the nanny. What is also true is that children attending daycare centers tend to get sick more often since they don’t keep to themselves and spread the germs more easily between them. If you are the parent, you will need support in taking care of your child. If the child is sick, you can still go to work and not disrupt your routine since you would have the peace of mind of a nanny your children are familiar with and who you trust. Children can be sick for as long as a week and it is highly unlikely you can stay at home to take care of them if you work. If the nanny herself is unwell, My Poppins & Co will replace her so you can go on with your usual routine. Less Stress for Other Family Members

Less Stress for Other Family Members

This has never been truer than in Malta. Our culture has taught us that it is ok to have kids and still hold on to one’s full time job whilst the grandparents mind the kids. This is also the case if you enroll them in a childcare center, since these are mostly only open till the early afternoon. That means that the kids are taken to their grandparents till one of the parents picks them up after work. Don’t be fooled into not feeling guilty about the burden you are inflicting on your own parents. Yes of course they adore their grandkids and enjoy spending time with them but there is a limit to that too! Having a nanny would mean less stress on them or any other family members who take on that role.

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